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I thought… "Only 40 people." July 8, 2005

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 5:43 am

What a horrible place the world is sometimes when one would think “Only 40 people.” when a terror attack kills. How am I so hardened that even 40 people dying doesn’t shock me.

And then I catch myself thinking that thought and it hits me like a brick. 40 people is a lot of people. And in those 40 people many other lives were destroyed. For the families and friends of those 40… those 40 people were the entire world. And for all of the people who are experiencing what we experienced on September 11th for the first time… close to their OWN home, the feeling of safety and security has been ripped out from under their feet. Until the next attack when they themselves think “Only 40 people.” and then realize what 40 people mean.

I want my husband home with me but on days like this I understand why he has to be gone.


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