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I DON’T have to share my husband on his first day home! July 15, 2005

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And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.
We had a wonderful first day home. We went to walk around Pike Place, bought some raspberries, apricots and Cajun almonds. We wanted to spend the day together, alone. So that is what we did. I’m sorry if that offended anyone. Or hurt anyone’s feelings. But he’s MY husband and it’s ONE day!! (Not to mention the ONE day he got off work before he had to go back in today to start this monotonous routine all over again!)

On a nicer note… Sofia stood up from the floor holding on to NOTHING this morning. She just did it! And I saw it! She looked like she thought she was SO BIG! And you could tell she was thrilled with herself. Maybe she’ll do it for Daddy later.

Miss Olivia will be home Sunday from Tricities and Alex has a bear for her. It’s very cute and it has these huge feet! So funny. She has been sleeping with a stuffed dog that Alex got her for Christmas. She missed him while he was gone. I don’t think she’ll ever admit it, but I could tell.

I *think* he really DID like the Asado!


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