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Kids are gross sometimes. July 29, 2005

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 7:19 pm

And I mean really gross.
Sofia, my little princess, was in the bath last night. I was right there, reading a book. Not really paying attention because she was happily splashing away.
All of the sudden she screams, then cries. I notice something brown in her mouth. I notice brown things floating all around her in the bath. She pooped in there…. must be much easier on the bum than trying to push it into a diaper. She must have thought it looked good too because she took a bite. She must have cried when she realized what a mistake it was…. to eat a turd.
I feel bad. I was right there. I let it happen.
Alex called his mom and told on me. I called my own mom and told her too. The first thing my mom said was… “Did you grab the camera??” Ummm… No. I was trying to wash the turd out of her mouth. Sorry. And I think she was actually disappointed that she was not going to be able to scrapbook that traumatizing moment.


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