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Vacation!! Without the kids! August 20, 2005

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Visiting the inlaws was quite tiring… It’s always SO busy. The girls had a blast and it was a very nice visit. The best part….

We went off for 3 nights on our own!! It was so nice. Alex took me to South Padre Island right on the gulf of Mexico. The water was so warm and it was that shade of blue green that you only see in magazine pictures! We saw dolphins, snorkeled, ate a ton of rich food, took a fireworks cruise, laid on the beach and at the pool (a little too much.. my belly was burned!) it was amazing! Out hotel room was a top floor with a balcony looking right over the beach! On the way home we stopped in San Antonio and had dinner at the Riverwalk… that place was very cool. We also took one of the riverboat rides.

I had a very hard time leaving Sofia for the first time…. especially since she usually still nursed at night. But she did just fine and I guess she decided she was done nursing for good while I was gone because she doesn’t want it anymore! She’s fully weaned now… and it worked out perfectly. Olivia is such a big girl. What a wonderful and loving big sister. She took such good care of her baby sister. I missed them SO much, I probably called 5 times a day to check on them.

We bought Olivia a shark in a jar as a souvenir. Literally. A dead shark in a jar of, I guess… Formaldehyde? There was a huge shelf of them to choose from. I picked the one with the least terrified look on his face. Olivia just thinks it’s the coolest thing. His name is Frederick. She picked the name her self.
I know… normally I am more animal friendly. I mean, I do eat meat… but I generally refrain from purchasing carcasses solely for display. I think Frederick will have to live ONLY in Olivia’s room. I can’t stand to look at the poor guy.

It was a wonderful trip. I do think, though, that next time we take a trip I’d like to take the girls. They would have loved the beach! Oli especially. She’s definitely a beach girl at heart.


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