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Olivia, Sofia and Pip September 9, 2005

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Olivia has started 4th grade. Ummm…. how did that happen?? Wasn’t she *just* a baby? Time definitely flies. She’s enjoying her class. She’s with the same girls she was with in 1st and 2nd grades. They had a little group of friends and it’s pretty neat they all ended up in the same class again. She’s a smart girl, too. She breezes through everything given to her. I’m so proud of that kid!
If only she would clean her room! (She’s actually doing that now, but I had to tell her no computer OR TV until it was done. She’s been up there for 3 hours minus a dinner break. I bet it looks worse than when she went up there!!!)

Sofia’s a little fart with feet. She’s walking now. All the time. No more crawling. Crawling’s for babies. And walking is also for babies. Unless you’re carrying something too big for you to carry. The favorite walking game is carrying things and throwing them into the toilet. Mostly pacifiers and cell phones. Well…. one cell phone. And it works again.. after it dried out. So it really doesn’t count. I assume she will try and replace it with something more important.
She also got a new potty chair. She likes it. It’s a fun toy to stand in. Maybe someday it wil be fun to potty in it.

Pip is getting bigger and bigger. I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable. It’s all worth it in the end. The fluid in her kidneys went down! The doctor isn’t very concerned at all, which is wonderful. We had a 3D ultrasound and I now exactly what she looks like! I can’t wait to meet her. We still don’t have a name. 3 months to go.


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