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Sadie had surgery. October 26, 2005

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They had to put her out to remove 2 tumors from her head. That was not cheap. I guess that’s what happens when you have a zoo at home. Inevitably, one or more will need veterinary care. And you just do it. Because, even if you think that you don’t like animals….. you realize you care more than you thought. Plus…. you don’t want to look at that gross spot on her head anymore!

She’s just fine now. And back to jumping on the furniture when we’re not looking. She’s on antibiotics and some sort of pain meds. Poor doggie. She takes her pills with cheese and I’m not even sure that she realizes that they’re in there because she swallows her food whole. She should have been born a pig, not a dog.


New diaper additions!

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Just finished 4 more smalls and 4 more mediums! I am loving the one that says “Got breastmilk?”

I am getting tired of sewing the same diaper over and over and over…. so I ordered a new pattern and hopefully this will put the… ummmm… Guess I’ll just say spring back in my diaper sewing step as I can’t come up with anything more clever.

I know I’ll be happy when they’re all done… and then I can learn how to sew clothes for the girls! Well… the littler ones, at least. I can hear Miss Olivia now. “Mom, you can’t expect me to wear homemade clothes to school!” I also want to learn how to knit. I’m sure if I made a gorgeous knit wool hooded sweater Olivia’d take that one and wear it to school. So which is next?? Sewing clothes or knitting?? Hmmmmm. Dilemmas.


The pumpkin in the daylight… October 24, 2005

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For the non-believers!


Carving pumpkins….

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This year the pumpkin I carved is supposed to look like Sofia! I didn’t have a more recent picture that would have worked…. plus I was scared to try carving her curls! This was probably at about 6 mos old.

I wanted to carve one of Miss Olivia, but I didn’t have a picture of her that was contrasty enough to make it work. So she’s definitely next year. She didn’t seem to mind, though. I sure do love that girl! She’s the sweetest. She has the best little heart. I’m sure that all moms say that about their children… but Olivia is definitely something special.


I’ve been slacking… October 17, 2005

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On my photography.
I really wish it were easier to take my lights out. Even better, I wish I had a room that I could just leave all the studio equiptment set up in.
It also doesn’t help that Miss O (who’s gorgeous, so I don’t understand) doesn’t want her pictures taken and Miss Sofia Stinkerina just wants to play with my lens cap or walks right off the backdrop.

I can’t wait until Pip is born so I have a willing model! I have been so excited about all the beautiful newborn pictures I get to take!
The challenge I am most excited, but scared, about is the 3 girls together!


The girls: October 16, 2005

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Olivia, Sofia and PIP! (I swear Pip will have a real name someday before her birth.)
Click the picture for another picture!


Spam comments on a blog??

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How lame is that?!?!
I just got done deleting spam from the comments section. Seriously… do people have no shame?
I don’t need an internet dating service, thanks.