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Oh my gosh! November 2, 2005

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1 more month until my baby is due!
I can’t believe we are having a 3rd girl! I think the idea is settling with Alex. I know how badly he wanted a boy. Maybe next time. 🙂 although if we ended up with all girls I would NOT be disappointed!
I love everything girly! Girly clothes, girly diapers, girly toys!

I have been having the WORST heartburn imaginable lately. The tums bottle says not to take more than 7 in a day and I take ALL 7 EVERY day! And I still have heartburn. I know it’ll go away… I can do this for another month!

We may have a name. It’s definitely not set in stone yet… Though we both love it. But Shhhhh! It’s a secret….. We’re really not telling family anymore because I’m sick of hearing other peoples negative opinions on names we love. I’ll tell my mom, though… She’d never say anything negative. She’s great about that.
We told a certain in-law a couple of names (not the name we have picked for now) and she flat out said… “Eeeewwwww. NO!” Ummmm….. Good thing that it’s not your baby! And you’re not naming her!! And now we won’t tell you what her name is until she’s born!!! (Well… if I have my say. Alex may spill it anyway. But I SO love this name and if she ruins it in his head I will not be happy!
The name we have picked as of now is:

Astrid Alexandra

I’m totally in LOVE with the name Astrid. The middle name I do love, but that’s what I’m still thinking about. If she were born today her name would be Astrid…. no question about it. But the middle name ??? I think so, but I’m just not set.


One Response to “Oh my gosh!”

  1. Keira Says:

    beautiful name! i love it! we did the same thing with Teaghan. we had to keep it a secret because of certain relatives too. i still can’t believe how some people think it is their right to tell you whether a name for your baby is good enough. ugh!

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