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2 cm dilated! November 9, 2005

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And I know it might (and probably does mean) absolutely NOTHING! But it’s a start.
I am due in 4 weeks. 4 LONG weeks. Looooooooong weeks.
I am uncomfortable. But I am not ready for Pip (still Astrid… unless Alex wants to get hurt!) yet. I still want Sofia to be the baby for a while longer. When Pip does come, Miss Stinkerina will be a big sister. I know it will be a shock for her. I don’t think she even really knows there’s a baby in my belly. I honestly think she has no idea. Bt you never know. I do tell her, and she can feel her moving. but who knows what she thinks. Maybe she thinks Ive always been this huge!

We’re going baby shopping this coming weekend to get all of the things I still need. Like a carseat, a bouncer, a portable swing. I still have a ton of diapers to make, and I want to make a pouch sling…BUT I may end up ordering one instead. Luckily Sofia wants to walk everywhere now, because I have no idea how to wear 2 kids! And I honestly don’t think I’d really want to! Ouch. It’s hard enough carrying Sofia with the baby in my belly.

Here’s my 36 week belly picture. You see why I’m uncomfortable?!?!


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