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I can’t sleep…. November 15, 2005

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And when I do, I don’t sleep well! Unless it’s midday and I’m napping with Sofia. I sleep great then! The problem is that I can’t sleep for very long during that time.

I’m sitting up right now. It’s about midnight. I’m snacking on Tums. Feeling the baby kick various organs… like my cervix and bladder, ribs and diaphragm… all of which cause pain, and I can’t sleep. Oh, well. It’s better to stay up than to toss around in bed. If I admit defeat and just stay up… then I won’t be thinking of how I can’t sleep. And eventually I will be tired enough to crawl back into bed. Yes… I WAS in bed. And I think I was almost asleep too. But not anymore.

Hmmm… What to do? What to do?
I’ll share my 2 ALL TIME favorite pictures of the girls. These are from last summer.

I miss photography. I once had such a passion for it and somehow it fizzled. I need to get back into it. I’m hoping that it’s just my fatigue that did it, and when I’m feeling myself again I’ll jump back in. Having a newborn to photograph will be so much fun! There are so many poses I want to try with her. And she can’t crawl (or run) away! It’s just hard to do things like get down and take pictures when you feel so awful all the time. Plus, my current subjects aren’t the most cooperative little things!
And anyway, how much time do I have left after sewing all these freaking diapers! (Not much…) I have 5 on the table right now in process (and almost finished) I’ll add pictures when I’m done with them. I have to order 1 more batch of fabric tomorrow and the stash will be near completion. Then the only sewing I’ll need to do is the sewing I want to do!
Here’s the stash so far… Plus the 5 on the table and then 4 more yards of waterproof fabric that I’m ordering. So maybe 15 to 20 more?? I have 17 Sofia sized and 22 Pip sized, I think. I want to have about 24 Sofia sized and 36 Pip sized…. And that will be plenty!
I’m having a ton of fun making these. I’ll be sad when they’re done. I’m sure I’ll keep making them, though. Just not at this pace. I know I’ll have too many diapers soon. And they’re mostly all girly. And I bet our next baby will be a boy!


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