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Oh, My, GOSH. November 15, 2005

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 8:46 am

OK… panic has officially set in. How stupid is it to look at pictures of labor and birth when you have NO CHOICE but to do it in the next few weeks?! I realize now that I can’t change my mind. I have to push a baby out of a very small opening very soon and YES I remember EXACTLY what it feels like!!

Do you think that because the epidural wore off and wouldn’t take a second time last time that it’s more likely to happen again? Because I really want the epidural to work this time. I mean…. I really NEED it to work this time.
Yes, I know. I did do it. I survived. I experienced over 5 hours of unmedicated labor, pushing, crowning. Oh….and the ring of fire. So yeah, I CAN do it. I just hope that the epidural works. Because I was that screaming lunatic woman you only see on TV. And if my epidural doesn’t work this time, that will be me again.
I don’t know if I just have a low pain threshhold… or if some people have more painful labors. All I know is that the women who do this unmedicated, by choice, sometimes at home… wow. All I have to say is WOW. You are all amazing. (But I bet my pain is worse that yours ..wink.. )


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