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This waiting is the pits. November 17, 2005

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 5:22 pm

I know she’s coming soon… And she will as soon as she’s ready! But this waiting! Every twinge or pain, every little cramp….. It’s like Chinese water torture. I woke up all night last night with contractions and back pain and this morning… whattya know. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

That’s good, though… No, really. Because:
I want to see a movie this weekend. Have a date with Alex…. this will probably be our last weekend where we can go on a date for a long time! Alex’s sister is coming up Thanksgiving to stay for the weekend, so no dates are happening then. It really WOULD be nice to have a baby by thanksgiving. Jess won’t have another chance to see the baby for at least a year… Because she’ll be deployed. So, Pip… if you want to meet your aunt Jessica before you can walk… you need to come out!!

BUT, I really DO want a December baby. I’m just being impatient. December is such a romantic and magical month and November is….. November.

Isn’t it funny…. this is something I have absolutely NO control over and it is driving me insane.
If I had control it would be December 1st today and I would be having this baby right now. 🙂
Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt.


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