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Can I keep my new butt?? December 30, 2005

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My new, rounder, more voluptuous butt. But lose the rest? The belly can go. The thigh fat can go. The arm fat can go. The back fat. Oh… The back fat. How I used to make fun of people who had back fat spilling up over the backs of their too tight britches. And now I’m one of them! I am a “back fat girl”.
I *should* buy a few larger pairs of pants to wear for now. I have maybe 2 pairs that I can wear now without looking like a hussy. (The jeans I have on now…. Whoa baby. Painted on. I’m NOT leaving the house in them, for sure.) But what if I get comfortable in them? What if I am destined to keep these 20 pounds?? I swear I had lost more than this by now the last time I had a baby. Maybe not. I didn’t keep track. But I hate being this fat! No, I don’t have issues. I swear, I don’t. I just don’t like weighing 140 pounds. 20 extra pounds on someone my size SHOWS. And right now, it’s showing in the middle. Noticeable…. The back fat.
But I’d like to keep the butt. Ok?


Woweee. I could be a juggie! December 29, 2005

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My wonderful husband has nominated ME to be the next juggie on the Man Show. I got these boobs for the general purpose of feeding the baby. Funny, he’s supposedly a butt-man. At least he IS while I have no boobs. But while I’m breastfeeding, and they elevate me to juggie status… he’s a boob guy.
I say he’s swine.
But I love him.


My husband, the hero…. December 27, 2005

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Alex was recently awarded a bronze star. I am so proud of that man!


I swear! December 22, 2005

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And I KNOW I say this every year. Every…. single…. stinking….YEAR. I am going to do my Christmas shopping all year long.
If I see something on super-clearance (I could have snagged some of the coooooolest things) I think I’ll just buy it. I’ll put it in a box labeled “gifts”. And whenever we need a gift, I can go in the box and get one. And by Christmas… it’ll be full and we won’t be scurrying around at the last minute trying to find presents for the zillion and one people that expect them.

I’m going to do it. I am. I know it.


I kind of miss it….

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I miss being pregnant!!
I’m SO glad Carmen is here. But I miss the excitement of not knowing what she looked like, when she’d come, what her name would be. The kicks and rolls. The discomforts. (OK… I *can* do without those) I miss that. I’m glad she isn’t our last baby. I can’t wait to do it all over again.

It’s amazing… this family that we’re building. Now there are 5 of us. And God willing there will be more! It feels perfect to me. I know Alex REALLY wants a boy… and I do hope to give him one. I love the fact that I have all girls! I love saying “The girls” or “My girls” and making fun of my husband… “You know you are outnumbered……. For LIFE!” Because I don’t think we’ll be having 3 more children. And even if we did… what would the chances be that they’d all be boys?? Slim, right?

You never know, though.


Sneaker, sneaker, Christmas peeker! December 17, 2005

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Yes, you! You know who you are. You know what you did! You know you peeked!

I bought my lovely husband some merchandise off of ebay and he logged in and peeked. And I got my present back in October… so there are NO surprises in this house, this year! Oh well…. we still have LOVE! And that is all that really matters!


Dear Alex, December 16, 2005

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My husband…. I love you!!
Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d be so lucky as to find a man as amazing as you. You are perfect. You are selfless. You are brave. You are caring, loving and warm. You make people laugh. You put people at ease everywhere we go. You’re a wonderful father and husband. I could go on and on and still, I could never tell you enough. Words can’t even begin to express how I feel. I love you, I love you… a thousand times. I love you! I love how when we kiss I still get butterflies. I love how I melt right into your arms when we go to sleep. I love how I fit right under your chin when we embrace. I love the way you love ME! I am just so thankful that you are in my life.
Te amo, mi esposo. I NEED you. You are my air.
Love forever, your wife.