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She cried for more than an hour straight! January 9, 2006

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 8:33 am

This is a first for me. None of my babies ever really cried. Carmen cried longer that I’ve ever heard a baby cry tonight. She’s sleeping now in her bouncy. It’s the only thing that’s worked. I swear. I walked her around, held her close, held her facing me, burped her, changed her, fed her, cood at her, sang to her. I set her down in the bouncy and turned on the vibrations, bounced it and she conked out. She’s not wanting to nurse either. She eats a bit, gets mad and cries. I wonder what’s going on. ???
I hope this doesn’t turn into an every day occurrence.

I hope that bringing her to bed doesn’t start another crying gig.


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