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BAD dog! January 20, 2006

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Ooooooh. Sadie is SUCH a BAD DOG!!! AS I was going to sleep last night I hear her chewing. I sneak up on her and see her trying to eat one of Sofias toys. So…I put her in the laundry room so she can’t damage anything else. I wake up this morning and go to let her out of the laundry room and find that she ATE HER BED!

BAD BAD BAD DOG!!!! My day is starting out SO fine.


Why???????????? January 18, 2006

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I walk into the gym locker room last night and the first thing I see is a big naked ass sitting bare on the bench. I look around, and sure enough… more naked asses bare on the bench. Now, I wouldn’t sit my naked privates on a public seat. If I wanted a seat, I’d use a towel. But now I don’t even want to put a towel down on the bench. What… so I can dry off with the germs of all those naked asses on my towel?
I just don’t think it’s sanitary. Is it? I mean, am I overreacting? Is it normal? Am *I* the one who’s the locker room freak?


I got all 3 together!! January 17, 2006

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Kisses from Sofia!

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So, I did it… January 16, 2006

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I joined a gym. And I went. I think I can do this. I feel so good today.

I’m getting out my photo equiptment and I am going to try and get the girls (Sofia) to sit still for a picture or 10. It’s so hard to get a picture of them (Sofia) looking at the camera, not crying (Sofia) or not trying to run away (Sofia).
Let’s see what I can get.


National Body Challenge 2006 January 14, 2006

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A whopping 139 pounds. And yes, for me, 139 pounds IS whopping.
Goal: lose 20 lbs
Exercise: gym 3x/week, walk 1 hour 2x/week
Foods: More whole grains, less saturated fats, cut out junk foods (I’m a junk food fiend), cut out fast foods, cut out Sodas. Definitely more fruits and vegetables.
There is NO way I’m giving up carbs. Plus… I’m breastfeeding, so I need a fair amount of food.

Next weigh in… 1 week.
I’m already scared.


The 23rd consecutive day of rain. January 11, 2006

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And it’s showing no signs of stopping. It’s depressing, really. It has rained every day since Dec. 19th in Seattle. The record was set in 1953 and it was 33 days. The second runner up was in 1966 and it was 25 days. We’re going to beat that one. Oh, joy.

Rain doesn’t usually bother me. But when you’re bumming anyway… it makes it worse. If Alex were here we could snuggle up and listen to the rain like we do. I love the rain when Alex is home. I miss that man!