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I made Sofia’s birthday dress! February 14, 2006

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How cute is this?? I can’t wait to take her 2 year pictures in it. I *hope* I can get her to sit still. But… she’s 2. My baby is turning 2!!


I LOOOOOVE my Man-Muffin!

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Beautiful Alex,
I am thinking about you on this Valentines day. I am the luckiest woman in the entire world. The way you love me is like nothing else. I wish everyone could experience a love like this. Something so deep that it sometimes makes my heart ache with a feeling that it could explode at any moment. I LOVE YOU. A thousand times, a million times. I love you.
Your Wife.


Poor Sadie is going to start insulin Monday. February 10, 2006

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I have to check her blood sugar 4 times a day for at least a week to see how she reacts to the starting dose of insulin. She’ll only get 1 shot per day to start, but it could go up to 2. I hope it’s as easy as giving people injections. I hope she doesn’t think I’m being mean to her when I give her the shots.
This picture is older…. about a year and a half ago. She’s lost a lot of weight now so is a lot skinnier.
I’m not really even a dog person…. but she’s ours and we love her.


My fattycakes baby! February 9, 2006

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Isn’t she just yummy?!?! I can’t believe how big she already is. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in labor.


The results: February 8, 2006

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Looks like she has diabetes AND she may also have Addisons disease (adrenal problem) I still have to bring her back for the chest xray and EKG.
I’ll probably have to give her insulin shots daily, and we’ll see what else she’ll need.


The vet: February 7, 2006

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said Sadie may have something wrong with her heart. She has a significant murmur that wasn’t noted in October when her tumors were removed. Great.
I’m supposed to get her an ECG and some chest x-rays. I did the blood work today, and I should get those results tomorrow.
Poor, poor little Sadie Mae.


Sadie… again. February 6, 2006

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Today, our dalmation Sadie is going to the vet. A few months back, we had her in and had some tumors removed from her head and neck. We didn’t biopsy them because even if she *did* have cancer we couldn’t afford to pay for doggy cancer treatment. The surgery was costly just to remove them. Anyway. She’s now really losing a lot of weight and I wish that we would have done the biopsy so I’d know whether this is cancer making her lose weight.
She’s going to the vet because I need to know whether she needs comfort while she gets sicker…. or if (fingers crossed) it’s a simple fix like a parasite that can be cured with a pill. She’s really old, 12 years, so I expect her to act elderly…. but this weight loss scares me.
I hope she’s ok.