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Look what we’re making!!! March 15, 2006

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Diaper Divas!!
Yep, it’s official. I need help. But this is SO addicting! Go ahead… click it. You know you want to!
It’s fun… there’s a contest going right now and whoever posts the most this month gets a cool prize… an embroidered pocket diaper!

Diaper Divas


I love talking to my husband. March 14, 2006

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I love his laugh. It’s so full of life. I can see his eyes shine from thousands of miles away just listening to his laugh over the phone. *sigh* I miss that man. Before too long he’ll be home with us again and, oh, I have butterflies just thinking about it!


Watch out, boys! March 3, 2006

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Sewing is sooooo wonderful! And it fits her perfectly!