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I can’t get ANYTHING done lately! April 17, 2006

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And it’s not for lack of trying! I just can’t seem to find time. Although I *AM* sitting here…. and I could be doing something else.
Alex is home. He’s perfect. Maybe that’s why I can’t get anything done! We’re catching up on everything we’ve missed out on in the last few months. we’ve visited relatives, had Easter, stayed up late talking and dreaming, visited the zoo.
Another thing… I am really not motivated to do anything. I should be motivated to sew. I have the cutest fabrics for little girly dresses. But even the thought of those yummy soft cotton fabrics aren’t enticing enough. Got a new serger. Still not motivated.
I am seriously tired all the time. I’m going to the gym tonight… haven’t been in 2 weeks and I’m feeling it. I think if I get there again, I’ll wake up. i’ll feel better and my energy will come back.


Soon…. April 6, 2006

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I will be complete once again. I will have the love of my life back right where he belongs. I will have my best friend home! My husband. My soul mate. My world. My air.