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Today is our last day…… May 25, 2006

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as a military family!!!!!!
I’m just happy. Alex is handling it. Tomorrow we start the next chapter. It’s exciting. I’ve never been in a situation where I didn’t know exactly what would happen before. There is a plan in place…. BUT we can change our minds if we want to. And we can change them however many times we want to. The military doesn’t own my husband anymore! We’re going to make our own rules from tomorrow on!


2 Responses to “Today is our last day……”

  1. konny Says:

    How exciting!!!!

    That was how we felt when my hubby got out of the Air Force- we couldn’t wait to move wherever WE wanted to, and make our own decisions . . .

    Congrats!!! I’m sure y’all will love civilian life!

  2. Lisa Says:

    OH I have been there too! When my DH left the Navy my twins were 5 weeks old. He had no prmoise of a job but we decided to have faith that it would work out and it did! Our life is great now and we never have to be apart. You will settle, your anxiety will lessen. Change is always scary. 🙂

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