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I’m ready…. July 15, 2006

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to go home. I feel blessed that we’ve been able to take such a long vacation. We visited San Francisco, Los Angeles, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, Mexico, and now Texas… visiting my wonderful inlaws. We’re going over to Schlitterbahn (In New Braunfels, Tx) Monday. Which for the past 8 years has been voted #1 waterpark in the world. I’m so excited to play like a kid in the water! Although not so much at the thought of getting into a bathing suit. Seriously. I look just fine in jeans. Without them…. well, that’s another story.
We’ll be heading home next Sunday. How wonderful it has been to be able to just “take a couple months”. I’m so blessed that Alex was able to take a couple months off work to travel! We didn’t go anywhere exotic, but it’s ok. We’ve made amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Besides… Next spring when Carmen is weaned, we will be going somewhere alone. The honeymoon that will be 5 years overdue. I’m picturing white sand, turquoise water, drinks with umbrellas….
I will be sad to end this journey, but so happy to be home in my own bed. Happy to reunite with my photography and my sewing. And the wonderful tap water. And my family.
While away our dog Sadie had to be put down. It hasn’t hit me, really. But I’m sure it will when we get home. When I see something of hers. Poor, poor Sadie Mae. I hope she was as happy as she seemed.
We’ll be home soon and life will be normal again…. whatever that means.


2 Responses to “I’m ready….”

  1. konny Says:

    Aaaahhhh, you’re in TX!!!! We’re so close right now!! 😀

    Wow! Y’all have been everywhere this summer! I would love to take an extended trip too.

    Hey, next May we’re celebrating our 10 yr anniv and it will be our Honeymoon too. We were planning on going to Italy, but I really think we need to wait until the kids are older before we leave them that long. So we were talking today, and perhaps we’ll take a cruise to the Bahamas or something. Sounds great!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    How funny, we just had our honeymoon last year on our 9th anniversary.
    We went to Scotland and that is where Calebuh…came to be. LOL
    I hope you get your turqouise water and white sands Berritt and can’t wait to have you back at DD.

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