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Moving stinks. August 30, 2006

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And would somebody tell my husband that it is easier to do a u-haul in 1 day than to space loads out over several days in the back of a truck or our minivan?? I *think* he thinks that it’s easier since you don’t have to do it all at once… but it isn’t. We could get it done in one day, but nope. And he refuses to ask for help. Our neighbor is helping a bit. But he wants to do it all himself. I told him to call up his army buddies and have them come down, get a u-haul and it’d be over in a few hours. Nope. Won’t ask. Grrr.
I love my stubborn husband, though.


Yep, another one! August 26, 2006

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I promise I’ll start posting more interesting things as soon as puppy fever wears off!


Mmmmmmm. Puppy breath! August 18, 2006

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Our newest addition!! August 12, 2006

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His name is Odin and he’s an 8 week old Merle Great Dane. He’s just the sweetest little guy but he won’t stay little for long!