I’m a superstar masquerading as a nerd, but you knew that, right?

OKAY. September 16, 2006

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 4:06 pm

I’m nearly done unpacking… but I guess I’ve hit a slump. I can’t make myself finish. So there are random boxes here and there, just waiting.
The dog is insane. He zooms around the house bouncing off the walls. But at the dog park he’s a chicken shit. He killed his hedgehog today. First he pulled out the squeaker. Then he spread the stuffing all over the room. He was 17 lbs when we got him a month ago. He is now 37 lbs. I need to measure his height but haven’t found either of my measuring tapes.
The girls are all wonderful. Beautiful and sweet. Miss O has started 5th grade and is loving her class. She wants to join band and play the trumpet. Funny… my girl and her trumpet. Sofia is talking non-stop and I can understand pretty much everything. Except when she’s speaking spanish. She definitely knows more spanish than I do. Carmen is crawling around, says ooow, and uh-oh. she pulls up to standing now and wants to suck on the dog.
That’s it in a nutshell. Life is busy. Very busy. But good.


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