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I *can* and *do* suck at something! September 26, 2006

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Painting furniture. I suck at it. I just figured… well… this may sound bad, but I have done well in everything I’ve tried to do so far.
My first cake ever:

Carving pumpkins…



I mean…. I try something and I just do pretty well. But I painted a bookshelf and chair for Miss Sofia and it doesn’t look so hot. I don’t have a picture yet, but let me tell ya. This baby needs some touch ups. It *is* cute. And from far away it looks pretty darn good. But I really thought I’d have done a better job.
So much for my dreams of buying cool old furniture pieces and refinishing them.

I think it’s mostly because I didn’t sand. I painted stripes and the blue tape pulled paint AND primer off in chunks. That isn’t supposed to happen, right? Damn. I knew I should have rough sanded. But I have so many things on my to do list that I thought that i’d just skip that step and it’d be just fine.


2 Responses to “I *can* and *do* suck at something!”

  1. konny Says:


    FWIW..sorry I didn’t comment on the board, I was nursing and hate NAK, anyway…I did a horiz strips and tons of vertical stripes beneath it in Dom’s room- I can’t even tell you how many stripes look like ass!! I’m still mad about that! Stripes just suck!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    LOL, Yeah must admit, it’s nice to know there is something you suck at!

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