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Minimizing Christmas… September 26, 2006

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Or not really Christmas… But the excess in gifts, toys, materialism.
I’m trying to explain it to Olivia now. We’ve always gotten her everything on her list. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to get/make the girls each a few special things. I don’t want to rush out to the store, list in hand, and buy everything on a piece of paper.
I explained to Olivia that it’s better this way.
We’ll celebrate the season wholeheartedly, listening to music. Baking cookies. Cutting down and decorating a tree. Crafts and projects. Stories by the fire.
Olivia asked… “Why? Are we poor now?” I told her: “No, I just want Christmas to be about Christmas and not just about getting ‘stuff’.”
I’m not sure she understands but I want to make this Christmas the best Christmas ever without the excess. And then maybe she’ll understand.


One Response to “Minimizing Christmas…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    That is so awesome. We did this about 2 years ago and we love Christmas so much more. This year I am making almost all the gifts. It seems so much more “real” to me to do it this way.
    Olivia will get it after she sees how much fun Christmas still is. The magic is still there.

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