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I made new waldorf dolls!! December 12, 2006

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And although they aren’t perfect, I’m pretty darn proud!
The button jointed doll is much easier to sew than the traditional doll. But I really like the traditional dolls better.
The girl is for Miss Sofia. The boy is for a friend that has the most adorable little boy who Sofia is going to marry someday.
My sewing machine is in the shop until tomorrow… so they’re naked for now :)tomorrow, I’ll get started on that.


I’m sick…. December 11, 2006

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I think it’s a stomach virus. I woke up throwing up. At 4 in the morning.
I was angry that Alex wasn’t there. I was dreading getting up to take O to school. (We made it, but I stayed in my jammies. You can always throw on some Uggs over jammies and still look cute. I swear, it’s the shoes that does it. Plus.. no need to find socks.)
I did let her skip band, though.
What do you do when a kid doesn’t want to stick with something like band? She wanted to do it at the beginning of the year, and now she wants to quit. Do you let them quit? Do you make them stick to it? I just don’t know.
My sewing machine should be back from the shop tomorrow. I don’t know yet if it will cost me anything or not. If it’s a computer problem like they think it is… then it’s covered under warranty. If it’s mechanical…. well, I’ll be screwed. I want it back. I have diapers to sew!
Carmen turned 1. She is crazy walking around talking. She kicks Sofia’s ass all the time. She just charges her and knocks her down. Isn’t that backwards? Isn’t the big kid supposed to beat on the littler kid? Not in this house, I guess. My poor little Sofia!! Little Curly Sue. Little Mo-beef!
She can hold her own, she just needs to realize it.
Alex comes home Saturday!! I’m so excited. I can’t wait for this job to be over for good. I want my husband home all the time!