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I’m a blogging slacker! January 11, 2007

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We had to get a new computer, and I couldn’t remember how to log in to my posting page. Obviously, I found it.
I’m up way past my bedtime…
I’m usually up way past my bedtime. It’s a nasty habit. I get some *me* time after the girls are in bed and I take it a little too far. Tomorrow is a snow day so we will get to sleep in a little later, but I know I’ll still have to drag my butt out of bed.
The girls are sometimes known to sleep LATE. 10am occasionally. I hope tomorrow is one of those days. Usually those days are mornings I get up early because I actually DID go to bed on time. They get up early when I stay up late. How do kids know? Because I really think they do it on purpose. In fact, I KNOW they do. Because my children are lovely like that. 😉