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Adventures in *Not Really* Spinning October 20, 2007

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She’s together…. I still haven’t came up with a name. How about &^$^*%$^*%)*&^&^$% ?? Beautiful, though…

Look how happy and naive I am…. (was)

I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking…. well, actually I was thinking that I’d sit down and spin a nice perfect yarn my first time and then knit a hat. All in a night….. so I know WHAT I was thinking, but I’m now wondering WHY I was thinking that.

Ummmmm…. spinning yarn is NOT easy. It did not come naturally to me. I came out with some yarn, if you can call it yarn. Probably not technically yarn. More like “horrid unspunsuperspun”. It was either super kinky and overtwisted, or not twisted at all and kind of falling apart.

OK, yes, there were random areas throughout that looked ok. Good, even. But mostly not. And when you’re doing something that you don’t know how to do… something you suck at… it isn’t much fun.

Please tell me it gets easier!! Tell me that I won’t suck at this forever! Tell me I won’t suck for a whole month until the LYS offers the beginners spinning class!! Because i do not want to suck for a month!

You can’t even really see the yarn in the picture, but I’ve got to show it anyway. There’s this on the bobbin and a pile of discarded kinky fuzzy stringy yarny stuff on my dining room floor.


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