I’m a superstar masquerading as a nerd, but you knew that, right?

I AM… December 11, 2007

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THAT much of a nerd, that I photograph everything I sew to share online. As I was arranging diapers on the floor for their photo sessions, I said it out loud to Olivia…..

“OMG, I’m a nerd!! Who does this??” And Olivia replied “You’re JUST now figuring that out??”

Oh, but aren’t they squishy looking?? And aren’t they pretty??


Sofia’s birdiful hat!! December 2, 2007

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I decided to let my little Sofia help me by dyeing corriedale top with wiltons. She picked the colors, helped me paint and squirt and roll the roving into saran wrap. I put it in the microwave to some beautiful results! In return for her wonderful favor, I spun it *just for her* and made her a hat!!!

She says it’s birdiful!! That makes it so worth the frustrations!! And I absolutely had a blast watching it come out. This is my first time with color, and my first time plying. I’m so hooked. now I wish I had more energy to do more… I am way pregnant and tired and am feeling very lazy lately!