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Sofia’s birdiful hat!! December 2, 2007

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 8:41 pm

I decided to let my little Sofia help me by dyeing corriedale top with wiltons. She picked the colors, helped me paint and squirt and roll the roving into saran wrap. I put it in the microwave to some beautiful results! In return for her wonderful favor, I spun it *just for her* and made her a hat!!!

She says it’s birdiful!! That makes it so worth the frustrations!! And I absolutely had a blast watching it come out. This is my first time with color, and my first time plying. I’m so hooked. now I wish I had more energy to do more… I am way pregnant and tired and am feeling very lazy lately!


One Response to “Sofia’s birdiful hat!!”

  1. The Ninja Knitter Says:

    Hey Berrit – you won the roving from my Advent giveaway. Email me at theninjaknitter at gmail dot com with your snail mail address and your charitable deed, and I’ll send it along lickety split. Hope you and the Ashford enjoy it. šŸ˜€

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