I’m a superstar masquerading as a nerd, but you knew that, right?

I AM… December 11, 2007

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 7:28 am

THAT much of a nerd, that I photograph everything I sew to share online. As I was arranging diapers on the floor for their photo sessions, I said it out loud to Olivia…..

“OMG, I’m a nerd!! Who does this??” And Olivia replied “You’re JUST now figuring that out??”

Oh, but aren’t they squishy looking?? And aren’t they pretty??


4 Responses to “I AM…”

  1. Katie Says:

    OMG, those are so cute!! Please tell me that you sell these somewhere!!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Those are going to look so cute under the soaker I knit for you!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I just signed in to DSD to try to hunt you down for a fattycakes pattern! How should I go about paying you for permission to make them for my friend who is expecting in late Feb/early March? It seems that your pattern is quite the hit among cloth diapering moms. . .


  4. jeanius Says:

    those are very awesome! (I would have taken pictures too!) I tried to sew a diaper cover, once. it is a sad, sad mess LOL

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