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Oficially pregnant longer than with my last 2! January 13, 2008

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 6:49 pm

Sofia and Carmen were both 3 days early.

Olivia was a week late. I was just ignoring her statistics and I was SURE I’d have a baby by now. Mostly, everything is ready. The birth pool is here, the birth supplies are ready and organized. I have meals in the freezer. The house still needs daily scrubbing, because the tornadoes don’t stop!! I’m sewing up a few white diapers today… I never did have any plain white diapers for pictures with the others, and that’s what I made these for. Not sure what else…. but things do pop up!

My tummy feels icky today, and I feel super lazy so I have a feeling I’ll be pregnant a little while longer. I haven’t had a nesting urge at all!! Yesterday I scrubbed my bathroom, but I had to force myself…. it was definitely NOT nesting.


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