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This high will last forever, I think…. January 30, 2008

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I still can’t believe what an amazing thing I did.

I’m still floating on air. I want to tell everyone I see what I did. I restrain myself for the most part… but some people still get an earfull. Everytime I see one of the recieving blankets, or crisp white towels that we bought for the birth I smile to myself and think again of what an amazing thing I did. When I look to the empty place in the corner of the dining room where the pool was set up, I can see it all happening. I can still feel the energy of birth in the air. I don’t ever want this feeling to go away. I don’t ever want these memories to fade. It’s kind of bittersweet… that it’s over. But our new life with Marisol in it has just begun, and that’s even more amazing.

Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to experience another homebirth someday. I’d love to do it again.


One Response to “This high will last forever, I think….”

  1. MUDNYC Says:

    Congratulations! The baby is beautiful and you did a great job. I’m glad you were able to have the birth experience you dreamed of!

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