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From the mouths of babes. February 29, 2008

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“Mom, I like your boobs! They make milk! I’ll make milk too when I’m big and (rubbing tummy) have a baby in my tummy.”
-Sofia, age 4


The girls. February 26, 2008

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They are all getting so big, so fast.


A DIY mei tai. I LOVE making things!

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It took 4 babies to discover the mei tai baby carrier, and can I just say it is the MOST COMFORTABLE carrier ever?? This is scandi styly, padded and reinforced with an extra sturdy hidden canvas layer in the body. Marisol sleeps in it as soon as she goes in! I’ll definitely be making many more!!


My little "midlifes" February 17, 2008

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Sofia says she wants to be a “midlife” when she grows up. Looks like Carmen also wants to jump on the baby catching wagon…. starting with taking good care of their own newborn baby sister. Sweet, isn’t it?


Sofia is 4! February 16, 2008

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I can’t believe my little Moochie is 4! Time flies. My babies are growing up so fast. Too fast. How can we slow time?
Happy birthday, Sofia May. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. You are an amazing little person and I love you so much!