I’m a superstar masquerading as a nerd, but you knew that, right?

My neck hurts! May 2, 2008

Filed under: Everything — berritt @ 9:57 pm

I think I did something to it. I don’t know what…. all the sudden it just started to hurt. I *think* it was maybe getting the infant carseat in and out of the minivan. (I still shudder a little when I say that word…. minivan…. *{{shudder}}*
….minivan…. *{{shudder}}*)
It’s getting better, but it’s like a headache that won’t let up. It’s keeping my shoulders really tense, up to my ears. I don’t deal well with tension.

Plus, I have a TON of things to do around the house. I need to clean. Not that Alex believes that when he comes back to a clean house that it was clean the whole time he was gone. He knows better. He knows ME. So maybe I don’t have to clean very well. Heehee.

I’m just too tired, and my neck hurts.


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