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Has it really been 4 months? October 15, 2008

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I guess it has. It has been so busy. From a 3 week vacation mid summer, Alex coming and going again, buying a HOUSE!!, school, a flu and a cold (HOW did we get sick?? We never get sick?) it’s been insane and I don’t seem to get a minute of free time.

We are supposed to be closing on the house this week, I think. I am in LOVE with this house, or…. maybe the idea of what this house can become. It’s a 3 level craftsman with a great yard, and, well…. poptential? It’s gorgeous outside. Inside it looks like the seventies came and vomited up an interior. It needs a new fireplace, a wall and a kitchen knocked out of the top floor, french doors replacing a sliding door to the top floor balcony. It needs a kitchen remodel, wood paneling demolition, 3 bathroom remodels, a sunroom replacement… and 342,876 gallons of paint, but it WILL be great. Don’t get me wrong. We could live there comfortably and do nothing. But we (I) can’t live in ugly!! I will be posting progress. As long as we get the house 😉