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The Happy Tower of Roving March 17, 2009

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Isn’t it just grand? I dyed fiber this Sunday, and I am just so happy with the result. I’m selling most of these, but keeping a few for myself to spin. And of course, those that don’t sell, I’ll spin those too. A fiber and yarn stash can never be too big, can it?? It’s so funny, I never mind if my fibery things don’t sell. Because I love them… and am always happy to keep them. Don’t get me wrong, I do need to sell a few things, so I can buy more things. It’s a cycle. Do you know that every red cent I have made selling crafty things has went right back into more crafty things?

Except the bad ass man bag for my husband…. I bought that too.
It’s technically called “The Briefcase”. And the size large is perfect. It even converts so it can be worn as a backpack. Clever.

Bad ass… right? It’s his Indiana Jones bag. It’s gone on all our adventures.
It’s, hands down, the coolest bag ever. The company is called Saddleback Leather. And the product is worth even more than the price. That bag will last forever. Definitely highly recommended.

Saddleback Leather. Click only if you have self control. You will want one of these bags.

Oh, but I went off topic, didn’t I? This was about Roving. I would go back to that, but I am tired. As I should be. It’s 1:30am. I’m going to crawl into bed now, and dream of my sexy husband and his rugged manly self. He’ll probably be using his man bag. We’ll be on an adventure, and he’ll rescue me from something. Because he’s manly. And manly men do that. My very own Indiana Jones with his bad ass man bag. Only more handsome.


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